Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Digestive System Experiment 4JI

As part of our science learning, the children got the chance to recreate what happens in our digestive system, using a pair of tights, crackers, half a banana and a plastic cup.

Some children really enjoyed the experiment! Others found the whole process a little queasy!

RML - Miss Shah

In Miss Shah's RML group, the children had to write about the game of 'Hide and Seek' using the power word 'crammed'.

To gain some first hand experience, we actually played hide and seek!

We came back to class and spoke about how we were feeling when we were hiding and what we could hear and see when hiding.

Miss Shah was very impressed with the children's writing!


Tuesday, 24 April 2018

1MS - Wild Plant Hunt - Science

Year 1 walked around the school grounds looking for wild plants such as dandelions and daises as part of their science topic.

We made a tally of the wild plants that we saw as stated on the worksheet. We were very lucky as we saw a lot of wild plants but we were unable to find any buttercups! We'll try again in the summer!