Friday, 23 March 2018

3NL - Trip to Tower of London

Year 3 enjoyed their trip to the Tower of London, where they got to meet Mrs Bennett who told us tales of the escape of John Gerrard.

The children then got to act out scenes from their favourite part of the story.

However, the excitement of the day proved too much for some...

3NL - some more fuit faces...


3NL - creating art with fruit!

After studying Picasso, Year 3 decided to recreate fruit and vegetable inspired portraits in the style of another Mediterranean Artist Giuseppe Archimboldo (Italian).

First, we studied some of his art work.
Then, we set about planning the fruit and vegetables we would use to create our faces.

We then drew how we wanted our faces to look.

After that, we selected our fruit.

Finally, we made our fruit inspired face artwork...


 Last of all, we peer reviewed our work - 2 stars and a wish.




Year 1MS - World Book Day

Due to the tremendous snow fall this year, World Book Day was postponed to Friday 23rd March.
However, the change in date did not affect the enjoyment during the day or the incredible costumes.

Year 1MS also finished the day with their class assembly! What an eventful day!

We completed a scavenger hunt set up by Miss Staples which we thoroughly enjoyed! Thank you Miss Staples!

As our class was 'Mr McGregors Garden' from Peter Rabbit, we decided to make our own unique rabbits. The finished results will be posted soon!

Year 4 Roman Day

To finish off our learning on the 'Romans' - Year 4 decided to have a 'Roman Day'! The children firstly designed mosaics and later created them using small square tiles into some fantastic designs.

They also had the opportunity to create a Roman passport using Roman Numerals and letter, as well as get sticky and mucky by making some bread for our banquet later. 

Later in the afternoon, we had a Roman Day fashion show, in which the children got into groups of 5 or 6 and dressed up a model into fashionable soldiers or God and Goddesses. The best designed model and their fashion team got to sit at the grand table for our feast and picked a slave to serve them bread and grapes. 

Well done to Elsie, Karima, Humayd, George B and Mason from 4TS, and George J, Reece, Mariella, Ennis and Nikita from 4JI for their winning designs.

Overall, the children really enjoyed Roman Day!